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Jumper harness

Jumper harness
The jumpers are located in the interior and exterior body. Jumper harnesses are typically used ad a aid to interconnect to body, IP, enginebay, seats, doors harnesses.

License Lamp Wire Harness Assembly

Injector Harness Assembly

Backdoor Transition Harness Assembly

Wire harness connecting taillights, back door locks, wipers, rear cameras and other electrical equipment on the back door

Bumper Harness Assembly

Front: Wire harness connecting front bumper position electrical equipment such as front fog lamp, daylight lamp, front radar, etc.

Rear: Wire harness connecting radar probe, camera, fog lamp and other electrical equipment on rear bumper

Roof harness assembly

Wire harness connecting ceiling lamp, antenna, skylight and rearview mirror

Wire Harness Assembly of Sub-dashboard

Wire harness connecting electronic gear shifter, cigarette lighter, IMMO, data interface and other electrical equipment in the area of main and auxiliary drivers'intermediate and auxiliary instruments

Starter Harness Assembly


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